2 studies


for piano (6')

variazioni con tema

- preludio, tocatta and fuga 

commissioned and premiered by Lenio Latsiou

variazioni con tema is a piece of pedagogical character. It explores aspects such as multirhythmicity, fingers’ independence and open form. The meaning of variations is based on the idea that the student has to superimpose each variation to each other, according to their skills and level. This process is meant to be done through the years, while the student ascends levels of technical efficiency.

Preludio, tocatta and fuga is based on the same principle, exploring the meaning of multilayers; preludio consists of a single unisono line, tocatta introduces a second layer with a baroque alike polyphony within the same single line, while the material in fuga is limited to its very basic elements, thus giving to the piece a more polyphonic character, with a reference to minimal thinking, as expressed by the famous quote Less is more.


[download score extract]